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Best Option for Deep Cut Hand Sawing Projects

Cutting concrete slabs, walls, floors and precast concrete panels with ease, efficiency, and accuracy in material depths of up to 325mm.

Ring Sawing is one of the best options when deep concrete cutting is required, particularly on projects where using a Wall Saw is not suitable. Its key advantages are the minimal set-up time, flexibility in projects, and capability to achieve deeper cuts than other hand-held concrete cutting saws.

Our Husqvarna K970 and K6500 are hand-held cutting saws which can be used with numerous projects where cutting through reinforced concrete walls and floors is required to a depth of 325mm. The most popular applications are cutting out window and door openings in block walls and cavity brick openings, as well as reinforced concrete floor penetrations, all of which can be achieved from one side.

The saws that we use are powered by electrically driven power packs or are petrol driven. These methods mean that we can use the saw safely indoors with no toxic fumes emitted.

Why Work With Us

Fully trained team with over 22 years of experience

Our team is highly experienced and has used Ring Saws on 100’s of projects. RDA Concrete Cutting is well-known in the construction industry for achieving optimal results on just about any project you can imagine. Whether it is an area with restricted access or a project that calls for precision cutting, our team has you covered.

Safety Focused

Our qualified and highly experienced team members work to the highest safety standards to deliver results that meet your expectations and project needs. All worksites are left clean and tidy and ready for the next phase of construction.

We are continually investing in the latest Ringsaw equipment and safety training. All our staff is committed to contributing to a safe work environment while delivering high-quality workmanship.

Precise, Reliable, and Accountable

Ring sawing technology, in conjunction with our Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Concrete Scanning services, provides a more effective and accurate result, without costly mistakes or damage to existing infrastructure.

Before one of our machine blades touches a surface, we ensure that you know what lies within your wall or concrete slab. Then we go to work using industry experience that is second to none to deliver your desired outcome.

Our Recent Projects

Here are just some of the many Hand Sawing projects that we have done over the years. For details hover over the image.

Ring Saw used to cut and remove a block wall section, ready for a new staircase to be built.
Vertical and Horizontal Cutting – Removing some block wall that was too high.
Cutting down some block wall that was too high.
Cut and removal of a 300mm series block wall. Husqvarna 17″ electric ringsaw did the trick.
Husqvarna 17″ Electric Ringsaw in action cutting some 300mm series block wall.
Great flush cut and removal of a 300mm block wall section using our Husqvarna 17″ Electric Ringsaw.

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