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A Fast and Cost-effective Way to create Long Saw Cuts

Floor and Road sawing is a fast and cost-effective way to create cuts in concrete floors and road surfaces to depths of up to 375mm.

If your project involves cutting on flat surfaces like concrete pads, suspended concrete slabs, driveways, roads or bridge surfaces, then this service is for you. It is a fast and cost-effective way to create long saw cuts like those needed for electrical and plumbing trenches in existing road surfaces and concrete.

Our experience, skill and flexibility enables us to competently perform road or floor sawing through asphalt and reinforced concrete on surfaces that are reasonably flat and level.

Why Work With Us

Fully trained team with over 22 years of experience

Our team is highly experienced and has used Road and Floor Saws on 100’s of projects. RDA Concrete Cutting is well-known in the construction industry for achieving optimal results on just about any project you can imagine. Whether it is control joint sawing or a project that calls for a trench in a concrete slab, our team has you covered.

Safety Focused

Our qualified and highly experienced team members work to the highest safety standards to deliver results that meet your expectations and project needs. All worksites are left clean and tidy and ready for the next phase of construction.

We are continually investing in the latest handsaw equipment and safety training. All our staff is committed to contributing to a safe work environment while delivering high-quality workmanship.

Precise, Reliable, and Accountable

Road and Floor sawing technology, in conjunction with our Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Concrete Scanning services, provides a more effective and accurate result, without costly mistakes or damage to existing infrastructure.

Before one of our cutting blades touches a surface, we ensure that you know what lies within your concrete slab or road surface, then we go to work using industry experience that is second to none to deliver your desired outcome.

Our Recent Projects

Here are just some of the many Wall Sawing projects that we have done over the years. Clicking on an image will expand it so that you can see more detail.

Starting the day off with a driveway removal, ready for repour by the crew.
Cutting out an existing kerb ready for a new driveway.
Flushcutting a 10m rebate, ready for a new window to be installed on this new build.
Cutting up a temporary driveway at this build. Ready for removal and pour of the new driveway.
Cutting up this existing driveway, ready for a new installation.
Dicing up an old driveway at Woody Point ready for removal.

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