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Horizontal, Vertical, Angles and Inverted Core Drilling

Completed by a team of experts with extensive experience in the construction industry, we guarantee fast and efficient core drilling services for all your project requirements at any given worksite.

RDA Concrete Cutting is the premier Brisbane core drilling company. Our professionalism, reliability, and flexibility ensures that your core drilling job is completed effectively and efficiently. Our reputation for precision and getting the job done right the first time, sees our expertise requested for projects throughout Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, and Gold Coast regions.

Our core drilling services are quiet, dust-free, and capable of efficiently cutting through steel reinforcing with ease, unlike percussion equipment which can create stress fractures within the concrete. Core Drilling is a highly effective way of creating precise holes in brick or block walls as well as concrete floors and ceilings where electrical or plumbing installations are required. Our Concrete coring services are also perfect where pool glass spigots need to be fitted. We can drill precise, smooth, and ready-to-go holes which ensures that your glass pool fencing is dead-straight.

Our high-quality drilling equipment and attachments can drill holes from 10mm-200mm in diameter and at virtually any depth. No matter whether your project calls for drilling vertically, horizontally, at an angle, in inverted positions, or even in a confined space, we can handle it. Stitch drilling is something that we also regularly perform. We use modern state-of-the-art to ensure reliable and accurate core drilling.

Why Work With Us

We use the Most Suitable Core Drilling Method

We understand that every project is different. Whether it’s the confined areas of apartment living, residential housing, commercial repurposing/new fit-out, or a noise-sensitive space like an office, school or hospital, we use the most appropriate tools and techniques to ensure optimal results with minimal disruption.

Safety Focused

Our qualified and highly experienced team members work to the highest safety standards to deliver results that meet your expectations and project needs. All worksites are left clean and tidy and ready for the next phase of construction.

We are continually investing in the latest drilling equipment and safety training. All our staff are committed to contributing to a safe work environment while delivering high-quality workmanship.

Precise, Reliable, and Accountable

Drilling Technology and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Concrete Scanning equipment. Using GPR provides a more effective and precise concrete cutting and core drilling result, without costly mistakes or damage to existing infrastructure.

Before we cut or drill, we ensure that you know what lies within your wall or concrete slab. Then we go to work using over two decades of experience to deliver your desired outcome. Our clients love how clean and tidy ready we leave their worksites, enabling the next phase of construction to continue without delay.

Our Recent Projects

Here are just some of the many Core Drilling projects that we have done over the years. For details hover over the image.

Using the new Husqvarna DS500 and stitch drill assembly, to core drill holes at the same level without having to mount to the finished brick wall.
Core Drilling a 350mm hole for a new storm water pipe.
Inverted drilling – No mess thanks to Husqvarna’s slurry rings. New client was really appreciative of the fact there was no cleanup needed
Core drilling for a new sewer connection. Nailed the exit point perfectly over a 2.1 metre distance.
Core drilling holes for new air conditioning vents to be installed.
Core drilling holes for a new carwash build in Pimpama.

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