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Reduce the risk of shrinkage and random cracking in concrete

Reduce the chance of your new concrete slab cracking by engaging RDA Concrete Cutting for your control joint cutting service.

When you get your concrete slab prepared and perfectly poured, the last thing that you want is an unsightly crack to appear just days after it has set. A control joint is an intentionally made weak point within the slab. This fault line enables the control of where cracks would inevitably appear. We know exactly where to place a control cut using our professional floor cutting equipment. Our team makes sure that there is the correct number of cuts to help minimise random cracking in your new concrete slab.

We only use the highest quality equipment to produce these early entry crack control cuts. This control joint cut doesn’t go entirely through the slab. Instead, it only needs to be one-quarter of concrete depth. For the best results, we typically perform this service within the first 6 to 18 hours of the slab being poured.

For the best solution in minimising the risk of your concrete slab randomly cracking during the drying process, people in Brisbane, in fact, from the Gold Coast to Sunshine Coast, look to the experts at RDA Concrete Cutting.

Why Work With Us

Fully trained team with over 22 years of experience

Our team has vast experience in control joint cutting, and we have performed 100’s of projects. RDA Concrete Cutting is well-known in the construction industry for achieving optimal results on just about any project you can imagine. Whether it be locating a project involving our cutting or drilling services or control joint cutting, we have the right team and experience to produce excellent results.

Safety Focused

Our qualified and highly experienced team members work to the highest safety standards to deliver results that meet your expectations and project needs. All worksites are left clean and tidy and ready for the next phase of construction.

We are continually investing in the latest concrete scanning, floor cutting, and drilling equipment while ensuring that our staff has up to date safety training. All our staff is committed to contributing to a safe work environment while delivering high-quality workmanship.

Precise, Reliable, and Accountable

Using our control joint cutting services is the smart way to minimise risk and project delays, due to random cracking in new concrete slabs. Our highly experienced team has a great reputation for providing excellent results, delivering on-time services, and completing projects within quoted timeframes.

We have customers from all over the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Gold Coast that have RDA Concrete Cutting on speed dial. Do you have a project that needs our professional team?

Our Recent Projects

Here are just some of the many Control Joint Cutting projects that we have done over the years. For details hover over the image.

Another job cutting expansion Joints into this new driveway, this time at Rothwell. Another happy customer!
Cutting expansion joints in this freshly poured slab. Dust-free thanks to the S13 H Class Vacuum, from Husqvarna Construction Products.
Cutting expansion joints into a newly poured slab. Dust-free thanks to the S13 H Class Vacuum from Husqvarna.
Cutting expansion joints into this new driveway and carport slab.
Expansion joints into this new driveway cut to perfection. Very happy client!
Cutting expansion joints into this new driveway in Bulimba.


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